HealthcareWe got our start in healthcare about 10 years ago by just performing our core competencies very well.

At the time data protection and disaster recovery were two primary areas that both health care payers and providers were very sensitive about.  Today, with the migration of patient records to digital formats; the increasingly large file sizes being stored, transported and retrieved; and the quality of images improving dramatically, Synergy Global Solutions is uniquely suited to effectively address these practices.

Having established relationships with various mounting and mobility workstation cart companies, Synergy provides hospitals and affiliate medical offices with solutions that integrate mobile workstations into hospital information technology infrastructures.  As either a hospital IT administrator or an affiliate medical provider, Synergy can help you implement the right information technology solution for your organization.

Synergy's engineering expertise in desktop virtualization provides the healthcare industry with solutions that eliminate the need for IT administrators to have to manage and maintain updates on each individual workstation, desktop, notebook or tablet.  Desktop virtualization eliminates the time and complexity involved with pushing out client updates and provides the hospital's organization with better management and control over their information systems.  Desktops, notebooks and tablets simply act as thin clients accessing an IT-policied server-based image.

Plus add in our expertise with security, data privacy and requirements around HIPAA Compliance to give you even more of a complete and comprehensive information management system. 

We bring to market technologies specific to health care that help these institutions more effectively manage their costs and budgets while maximizing staff productivity and, ultimately, patient care.
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